The otherworldly country of Kailey Swanson

Kailey Swanson may be Vegas-born and California-raised, but she chose to dig deep in her southern roots to build her country-rock sound. With an outlaw style à la Tommy Ash, and classic country-inspired storytelling, Swanson’s first EP Nashville Stickup sounds just like its title: a phenomenal overthrow of the pop-country wave that has flooded Music City!

After starting a career in acting, Kailey Swanson found a new voice with music and her sound at the bottom of her family tree. Inspired by her Kentucky heritage, Swanson penned five haunting tracks where her ethereal vocals add an eerie color to her heartfelt lyrics.

From the gospel-inspired Americana ballad ‘Corner in Heaven’ to the honky-tonk title song, Nashville Stickup encompasses somber moods, up-tempo catchy tunes, deep lyrics, and rock attitude. Special mention for ‘Ghost’ and ‘Backseat’ that confirm her rock inclination and will stay stuck in your head for days.

Joining Elle King on the new country-rock scene, Swanson imposes her vintage outlaw style and successfully eschews the pop trap most newcomers fall into. With the country UFO that is Nashville Stickup, Kailey Swanson is undoubtedly entering Music City with a bang!


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