Country Grrrl to watch: Dara Niemi

Very few young artists have managed to find the right balance between country and pop, and Dara Niemi is one of them. With a style inspired by Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift, Niemi offers a modernized vision of country filled with multi-genre inspirations and catchy hooks!

The Georgia-native has been touring the south for a while now, promoting her first EP She’s Not Me and expanding her fanbase– which can be pretty tricky in the midst of such a huge pop-country trend. But Niemi stands out with her powerful vocals and her ability to cover all kinds of modern country, from love ballads to rock anthems.

Niemi’s EP She’s Not Me is packed with radio-material songs, from the powerful title track to the up-tempo ‘We Kissed’ that Taylor Swift could have written in her country times. We discover Niemi’s rock side with the electric guitar and gender stereotype puns of ‘Man in Men’. But the biggest surprise in this record remains the soulful ‘Disguise’, a languishing song that perfectly blends traditional country and Christina Aguilera RnB.

Dara Niemi’s sound successfully incorporates pop inspirations while keeping strong country roots, a balance we hope more up-and-coming country-pop artists will follow.


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